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Finworks' trusted business relationships are built on integrity

Finworks' trusted business relationships are built on integrity

What is integrity and why does it matter?

True integrity goes beyond adherence to corporate policies and professional ethics. It fosters a sense of shared values among staff, partners, and clients.

Integrity has become more than a nice-to-have for corporate executives. It is vital to retain customer trust and ensure sustainability. To maintain this trust, here at Finworks, we put integrity at the center of our focus. It is the promise we make to our clients. Finworks builds software with people for people, focusing on improvements that benefit users and organizations.


Finworks' focus on customer satisfaction

Customer relationships are very important to our Finworks team. As part of our continuous communication with our clients, we conduct user research and listen to their challenges and outcomes. It is important for customers to find similarities in the values and cultures of software service providers. This creates a collaborative and proactive atmosphere. This ensures open communication and the timely resolution of issues. Thus, teams can communicate in the same language and work towards the same goals. Transparency and openness are not only spoken about but practised by Finworks every day. Finworks' employees work in an open, collaborative, and creative environment with a high level of autonomy and responsibility.
Looking externally, we keep up to date with the market trends in the world of data management systems and workflow products. We know what our competitors are doing. We are looking to adopt new ways of working to ensure people have the right mindset, skills, and tools to optimise our internal processes and, therefore, provide the best possible solutions to our clients. Customer demands have been taken into account when selecting future roadmap items for development to provide value to customers.
Finworks' trusted business relationships are built on integrity
Finworks puts a strong emphasis on incorporating security, risk reduction, and accessibility every step of the way
We work across highly regulated industries, that place a high priority on integrity. Standard procedures are necessary for software partners to mitigate risks and ensure high-quality solutions. It is important to note that what seems like a compliance burden can actually be a key factor in customer satisfaction. Finworks roadmap includes updates in line with industry standards on cyber security. The Finworks QA/Security teams perform internal penetration testing on the released version. Finworks organizes an external penetration test every year by a third-party accredited company.
Yearly IT Health Check testing assures that external systems are protected from unauthorized access or change. It also ensures that no significant weaknesses exist in the network infrastructure or individual systems. The use of self-assessment tools measures Finworks compliance against the 10 data security standards recommended by the National Data Guardian.
The solution has a high level of security in the external infrastructure, internal infrastructure, and application. It is compliant with NCSC cyber security guidelines. This includes secure access and full role-based permission control and full auditability of all user and system actions. Complete audit history and version control contribute to high levels of security and data governance. The solution has secure data distribution to downstream applications, processes, and platforms. Finworks never understates how important data integrity is to protect customers’ data from loss or leaks. To protect customer data from outside threats, we must first ensure that internal users handle data correctly. When data is validated and error-checked, you can guarantee that sensitive data will never be misclassified or stored incorrectly, thereby avoiding potential risks.
Finworks’ solution is fully compliant with PSBAR and Software Accessibility Standard WCAG 2.1 Guidelines at the AA level. Furthermore, once a year Finworks organises external accessibility testing. This is done by a third-party accredited company and ensures all reported issues are resolved. Finworks solution is compatible with and can work practically with a range of assistive technology products. A regular accessibility audit enables Finworks to make its platform accessible to users with varying accessibility needs.

Finworks culture of integrity

Since its inception, Finworks has been committed to transparent communications and fair business practices. That’s why we’ve rooted integrity into our culture. Our customer bespoke approach allows us to communicate with end-users and put in efforts to meet their needs. Finworks builds and maintains long-term partnerships with our customers. A collaborative culture is at the heart of our business, and we extend it to our customers. Treating our customers’ requirements and issues as our own is at the heart of the exceptional service we provide. We create extraordinary software, and we want to help you do extraordinary things with it.


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