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Do you trust your data to make business decisions? 

75% of company leaders lack confidence in their data, and 70% believe their data architecture is not world-class. Finworks will provide the solution. 

About Us 

Finworks has developed and supplied data management and workflow systems for over 15 years. We work with clients in different industry segments to create a digital transformation strategy that streamlines operations with substantially less manual intervention, and less complexity.

We focus on being flexible, inventive, client-centric, and future-oriented.

We provide configurable software development services that allow our clients to redirect resources to more business-oriented tasks for more efficient, cost-effective operations. Our workflow and data management products both harness the power of data to transform the way organisations work.

Because of our expertise in large-scale end-to-end strategic enterprise initiatives, we can provide the infrastructure and architecture required by organisations to get things done. This might range from legacy system modernisation and system innovation to re-engineering enterprise wide data processing.

Our projects lay the foundation for profitable growth and empowering our client’s to excel by defining a technology roadmap, implementing solutions on time and building out future-proofed end to end processes. 

Finworks' Data-focused Experts

For nearly 20 years, Finworks' group of 100% data-focused experts has been assisting the world's leading industries with their most critical and complex large datasets. 
Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis

Head of Finworks

Marc Hoogstad

Marc Hoogstad

Head of Product Management

Guy Moule

Guy Moule

Account Director

Brian space good_edited_edited_j

Brian Diboll

Head of Account Management

We're always looking for talented people

Fincore is a private company with a range of important clientele. The Fincore team creates and supports ground-breaking software that does extraordinary things with data, enabling people to see more, understand more, innovate more, improve more and do more. Finworks drives digital transformation through data management and workflow software for clients range from government to multinational corporations to central banks.

We operate in an open, collaborative and creative working environment where individuals have a high degree of autonomy and responsibility. It’s not for everyone, but if it’s for you, you won’t find a better place to work.

We Provide Extraordinary Solutions

Finworks empower your operational data workflow for speed and innovation

Data Management


A complete data landscape connecting multiple data sources and infrastructure types across locations, on-premises, private or public cloud, or hybrid settings allows analysis without costly data integration needs. 



Data workflow allows businesses to automate data collection, retrieval, integration, and enrichment through processes and workflows that can be systematically refined for efficiency. 

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One of our Finworks data experts will reach out to discuss the product more and answer any questions you have.


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True integrity goes beyond adherence to corporate policies and professional ethics. It fosters a sense of shared values among staff, partners, and clients.

The future of business will be defined by collaboration



Our collaborative efforts can enable us to accomplish the seemingly impossible when we realise the potential we can harness.


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Finworks enables data-driven decision-making and agile business teams.