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Discover Finworks Workflow

A robust software solution to keep things operating smoothly.

Automate and accelerate your typical business procedures for maximum efficiency. 

Finworks Recipe for Success: Automate Business Processes and Report Meaningful Outcomes

The Finworks workflow management platform revolutionises organisational collaboration by allowing teams to see processes in real time, showing the current workload and highlighting bottlenecks. The platform has a low-code user interface that enables enterprise-grade automation of workflows and case management. The secure structure and efficient automation ensures compliance and results in measurable time savings. 

The platform fits the process instead of the process fitting the platform

Agile security and accessibility over time 

Boost communication, monitoring and transparent collaboration

Why Choose Finworks Workflow?

Finworks Workflow is a powerful system that provides configurable tools to help you operate more efficiently and organise your data, cases, teams, and communications. It lets you develop and optimise workflows effectively, discover duplicate jobs, automate work processes, uncover potential areas for improvement, and reach new productivity levels.

Finworks build software with people for people

Low code data management and workflow platforms to achieve efficiencies and repeatability 

Over 20 years of providing exceptional software and service

The capable and experienced delivery team

Group Management

Configuration of cases with discretionary responsibilities, user/group allocation, routing criteria, and more. Versatility in carrying out individual tasks in response to changing goals. 


Record Type Management

Complete record management, from creation and editing to disposal. Improved accountability by ensuring the validity, dependability, and integrity of records 

Attribute Designation

Create configuration attributes customised according to value, and users can quickly assign the record type to any group. Set a level of permission in a different field.

Define Layouts

Drag and drop some of the attributes by group and easily customise your record type details. Apply dynamic rules and validation to each report to comply with data privacy. 


Page Management

Create different types of widgets according to your business needs. We support chat, images, online and more.



Dashboard Manager

Bring all of the critical project indicators together in one place. Visual widgets can be added for the user group, tasks, deadlines, time tracking, statuses, documents, embeds, and other things. 


Users can receive notifications when the workflow moves the next step in the process.

Easy Integration

The ability to integrate with other software solutions to take in data and feed data downstream. 

Workflow Resources

Workflow, what is it and what are the benefits?

Finworks - Blog Images Template

Workflow is defined as the sequence of tasks and processes that work passes from initiation to completion. Data about tasks is an essential component of understanding processes. This is true for private companies and public institutions. 

Workflow Management Platform (Pharmaceutical Industry)


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the world's most complex and regulated industries. This blog post will explore the features and benefits of a workflow management platform for the pharmaceutical industry. 


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