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Discover Data Management

A unified data platform lets your organisations integrate data and data management processes.

Easily integrate data to simplify and secure your complex data landscape to improve end-to-end performance and extract value 

Data management helps organisations unleash the power of data by making it more accessible and usable. A seamless data flow with improved data governance and security creates a competitive edge. Data management allows your IT organisation maximise data management in cloud architectures and with modernised storage.


Data Management

The Transformation and Integration of Financial Instruments

We currently model a universe of 70 million financial instruments for a major public European institution. The solution includes daily processes to update 2.5 million dynamic data sets and perform associated complex calculations to publish micro- and macro-statistics products. The system detects and reports on anomalies across 12 months of data history, comprising 840 million entries. The implementation achieved a massive improvement in both volume and quality of outputs. The solution eliminated duplication of work across affiliates and departments.

Why choose Finworks Data Management

A Cohesive Approach to Data Management

The Finworks data platform combines a metadata catalogue for big data analytic discovery and enterprise-wide data governance for multi-cloud and hybrid setups. Features integrated data discovery and preparation capabilities for self-service, smart query acceleration and well-governed and safe analytics.

Rapid, highly efficient data and document processing

Automate, orchestrate, or eliminate manual processes

Data discovery and transparent analytics

Intelligent data management that learns with you

Flexible, agile. Fast to deploy


Highly configurable by users

Public or private cloud, or on-premise

Government-standard audit and security

How it works

Improve data quality and reliability from ingestion through consumption across the data pipeline

Finworks combines multiple data sources, including operational, transactional and vendor data, to generate business intelligence outputs. The Finworks Data Platform features a diverse set of purpose-built data services that offer the performance required for data modelling, analytics, interactive dashboards, data monitoring, big data processing, analytics, interactive dashboards, and data warehousing.  

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Featured Expert Insight

Enhancing Data Security in Data Management:
A Comprehensive Approach 

Data privacy and security are crucial for individuals and organizations in the digital world. They protect data integrity, confidentiality, and enhance its value and quality. By preventing breaches and violations, they also reduce risks and costs associated with data loss or damage.

About Data Management

Data Management is the backbone of modern organisations, ensuring the effective handling and utilisation of data assets throughout their lifecycle. Various data sources seamlessly converge with data integration, enabling comprehensive insights and informed decision-making. Data quality is upheld through meticulous processes like data validation, guaranteeing accuracy, completeness, and consistency. Master data management fosters a unified view by harmonising data across systems and applications. Furthermore, data preparation refines raw data, making it analysis-ready. Embracing the benefits of data management, organisations can create a flexible and scalable infrastructure, facilitating seamless data flow and accessibility. It paves the way for the future of data management, offering essential functionality for DataOps, where data operations are streamlined, automated, and agile, driving innovation and growth for organisations.


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