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Data Silo Diagram

The Finworks Guide to Breaking Down Data Silos

Today, businesses across all industries rely on their ability to collect, store, access, integrate, share, and analyse data to enhance operations and drive better decision-making. However, the volume of data generated by different systems can lead to information overload, leaving data siloed and inaccessible to other departments. Knowing why silos exist, how they affect your organisation, and how to break them down makes all the difference.

Read more to learn how to eliminate data silos and simplify your data integrations.

Discover and Unlock the Value of your Data

70 million

The volume of securities managed and processed by Finworks at a leading European financial institution


The average operational cost improvements following a Finworks project


The number of years Finworks has been supplying data and workflow solutions

Quality Data for Innovation

Finworks simplifies the delivery of reliable, self-service data management by scaling automation and data operations across the entire big data lifecycle. Boost the platform's governance and security capabilities by combining the power of data discovery and cataloguing to make it simpler to search, analyse, connect, and trust your data.

  Streamline data connections

  Reform data governance

  Recognise classification and quality

  Streamline data preparation

We Provide Extraordinary Solutions

Finworks empowers your operational data workflow for speed and transparency

Data Fabric


A complete data landscape connecting multiple data sources and infrastructure types across locations, that allows for seamless data flow, management, and analysis of data without costly data integration needs. 



A collaborative workflow management solution that empowers organisations to design, automate, and monitor the performance of cases or tasks ensuring that work is handled consistently and efficiently.  


Financial Services

Advancing digital innovation for financial institutions. Transform, protect, and orchestrate data from various sources using the Finworks data management solution to give a trusted, secure and complete perspective of customer, business and transactional data enabling organizations to secure and optimize their data flow.


Leveraging government data to drive strategic innovation. Finworks modernise data management and support a data-driven culture at all levels of government to better govern and manage the public sector. Finworks allows various levels of government to monitor the performance and optimise their processes.

Supply Chain Management

Consolidating data from all stakeholders, suppliers and flow systems is a key success for supply chain management. Finworks provides a unified solution for data workflow, integration and integrity. Finworks lets you stream data from numerous sources in real-time and get critical insights from trusted quality data.            


Are you ready to start your data journey?

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Our powerful, easy to deploy software enables you to continuously gather, manage, question and learn from all the data available to you, and make significant ongoing improvements to your organisation as a result.